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Artstock -- IMA Sculpture Park

Oct 02 more info

Enso plays at IMA Sculpture Park… Three sets from 3-6 pm. $5 admission charge covers food and drink!

The Knoll

Jul 27 more info

An outdoor concert at the Knoll on Beaverton Valley Rd. Enso will pre-release the new CD “Stop Fighting” for friends, family, and fans in our hometown! Home-grown rock heroes the Sonic Vandals will join us onstage!

Oak Harbor, WA -- Vagabond Sound

Jul 23 more info

Playing the coolest venue on Whidbey Island towards the end of the Summer 2011 tour.

Sole Repair Shop -- Seattle, WA

Jul 21 more info

Enso provides the musical opener to the premier of six new films from the Green Living Project: www.greenlivingproject.org

Seattle, WA - Skylark Cafe and Club

Jul 17 more info

Coming back through Seattle during our Summer 2011 tour!

Pablito's Taqueria

Jun 11 more info

Ready to rock the best Taqueria on the West Coast!



Seattle, WA -- The Skylark

Dec 12 more info

Our first show at a major venue in Seattle, at the Skylark out on the West side. All ages!

Bellingham, WA -- House Concert

Dec 11 more info

Lovely house show at the home of some friends. We had a great evening of food (potluck) and wonderfully intimate music. IT was a really great experience, and our hats go off to our gracious hosts, who also put us up for the night!

Oak Harbor, WA -- Vagabond Sound

Dec 10 more info

Enso performed at Oak Harbor’s sweet new venue and recording studio — www.vagabondsound.com. Had a great all ages show and look forward to returning to Oak Harbor soon.

Shaw, WA -- Shaw Island Community Center

Nov 27 more info

Something for everyone — Classical Masterpieces, Jazz Standards, and Epic Rock!

Village at the Harbour

Nov 04 more info

Jazz Set for our friends at the Village, performed by Chris and Grisha. All Ages!

Port Townsend, WA - The Boiler Room

Oct 09 more info

Our first show in Port Townsend was lovely! When we arrived at the Boiler Room, we were offered free soup and Tea provided by Food Not Bombs and soaked in the lovely atmosphere before setting up and performing. We had a nice turnout, made some good friends and had a great time. Thanks to Sage for putting us up for the evening, an to the Boiler room for being such an awesome space and so accommodating!

Portland, OR House Concert

Oct 08 more info

Lovely house concert and potluck at the home of Dan Rosas.

Islands Village Faire

Sep 18 more info

Enso was pleased to contribute to the raddest community event on San Juan Island — It all went down at Rivendell thanks to the hard work of a whole ton of community minded individuals!

Port of Friday Harbor

Aug 27 more info

Music in the Park. Free concert series hosted by the Port of Friday Harbor.

Seattle, WA -- BCC House Concert

Aug 07 more info

Enso played an awesome house concert as the final performance of our humble Summer of 2010 PNW tour at Seattle’s Ballistic Chicken Coop Co-op House (BCC). We had a great turnout and everyone had a rocking good time! Thanks so much to the BCC crew for hosting us and helping to make the event so awesome! Attendance: ~25

Olympia, WA - 4th Ave Tavern

Aug 05 more info

Great show at one of Olympia’s premier music venues! Attendance: ~60

Olympia, WA -- House concert

Aug 04 more info

Small house concert and potluck at Jacob’s home – we wanted to make sure and have a venue open to people who weren’t 21 or otherwise weren’t interested or able to attend our show at the 4th Ave. Was a lovely and intimate outdoor show! Thanks Jacob!

Littlerock, WA -- Cedar Creek Corrections Center

Aug 03 more info

Enso played at Cedar Creek Corrections Center, a minimum security prison outside of Little Rock, WA. Colin got the idea of looking into playing a prison show somewhere in the couple days in between our Summer of 2010 Portland and Olympia shows. CCC was the first place we called and they said yes!

We had no idea what to expect, but couldn’t have been happier with the show. The guys were awesome and very friendly, a couple of inmate bands opened up for us (and were damn good!) and they even threw out the captive audience joke (which we tried hard to get out of our system before entering the facility)! The prison is very sustainable, recycling 90% of what comes into the facility and growing much of it’s own food in immaculately weeded gardens.

The guys were really happy to have us – it had been 6 months since the last show they had there, and that show (as most they get) was a Christian rock group. It was a remarkable and eye opening experience all around and we were very happy to name (by the suggestion of the residents) one of our songs “Cedar Creek Blues”. Attendance: ~100 people.

Portland, OR -- Hawthorne Theatre

Aug 01 more info

Enso played a set for the PDX Unplugged festival at the Hawthorne Theatre. No drum kits were allowed for this show, so Colin had to maximize his single snare drum creativity! The show was well received and we made some good connections.

Village at the Harbour

Jul 29 more info

Tasty music for our friends at the Village.

all ages!

The Rumor Mill

Jul 24 more info

Enso played the all ages Rumor Mill, formerly the Bella Luna for one of their first Saturday shows. Peggy and Oren Combs did done a beautiful job of remodeling the space giving it a much more airy and open feel.

We played Jazz from 6 – 7 and two sets of rock from 7:30 – 10:00 or so, including lots of new songs we worked up.

Summer Arts Fair -- Friday Harbor

Jul 17 more info

Live music on the lawn in front of the Courthouse. Attendance: ~75.

San Juan Community Theatre

Jun 11 more info

Enso along with island composer Daniel Finn and island band Saucerful put together an all ages performance of original compositions in Friday Harbor’s fantastic San Juan Community Theatre. The show drew a crowd of around 120 and came out splendidly. We are very grateful towards the community theatre, which regularly features very high quality regional and national acts, for giving us venue in their fabulous space. Attendance: ~120.

Village at the Harbour

May 05 more info

Another exhilarating show of jazz and originals.

All ages (all the way up to 100)!

Pazzo Vivo - CD Release Party

Apr 10 more info

This show performance was in celebration of the release of our first CD, The Axioms EP (available for sale here). The show featured three sets, one of dinner-time jazz and two filled with more rock and original compositions. Thanks to Beau Borrero, Robin Lohrey and Tawm Perkowski were able to record the show and now have several videos posted here on our website. Attendance: ~200.

Village at the Harbour

Apr 07 more info

Hot Jazz for our friends at the Village assisted living facility.

San Juan Community Theater

Apr 02 more info

Keyboard Masterworks – this show featured Robin Lowrey and Enso’s Grisha K. playing pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Bill Evans, and Duke Ellington. Joining Robing on the jazz performances were Enso’s Colin Megill and Chris Small on drums and bass respectively. On request of encore, all four musicians joined each other onstage with Grisha on Piano and Robin on violin to play another two or three tunes, including Horace Silver’s Song For My Father and the classic Take the A Train. This was a fantastic show! Attendance: ~160.

Village at the Harbour

Mar 17 more info

We performed for the folks at the Village at the Harbour assisted living facility. For this special St Patrick’s Day show we were joined by Gordon Elliot on his fiddle for some stomping Irish tunes!

Mullis Center - Benefit Concert

Jan 30 more info

Enso and Robin Lohrey together with Oliver Nash played for a fundraiser dinner for the Spring Street International School trip to Peru.

The Naked Bean - Benefit Concert

Jan 24 more info

Zach Milkis, of Friday Harbor’s Spring Street International School, put together this Benefit Concert to raise funds for the relief effort of Haiti earthquake of a few weeks back, as well as for the school’s fund for helping students at the school travel to Asia. Enso happily played this show alongside Zach’s band Saucerful and several other local groups and musicians. The show was hosted at Friday Harbor’s Naked Bean (now under new ownership as The Bean) a wonderful coffee house in the downtown area. Attendance: ~70-80.

Village at the Harbour

Jan 20 more info

Another show for our friends at the Village!


Village at the Harbour

Dec 09 more info

Played some jazz and a Christmas song or two for our friends at the Village.

Village at the Harbour

Oct 21 more info

Another show for our friends at the Village.

Chris and Gordy's House

Oct 13 more info

Enso performed for a potluck house show at the home of their bassist Chris. Good food and music made for a great evening!

Village at the Harbour

Sep 17 more info

Played jazz and original compositions for our friends at the Village.

Islands Village Fair

Aug 28 more info

Enso’s first ever public performance! Just a month after playing together for the first time, we were honored to debut at the Islands Village Fair, a fantastic event put on by passionate islanders to bring the community together. Attendance: hundreds wandering around, ~50 or so sitting and listening.